آغاز عملیات اجرایی پروژه باند دوم روانسر - سه راهی بیاشوش به طول 500+10 کیلومتر-3

The start of the implementation of the second runway of the Ravansar-Byaashush three-way project with a length of 10+500 km

Visiting Mr. Engineer Ezzati, the Honorable Vice President of the General Directorate of Construction and Development of Roads in the West and Center of the Country, and Mr. Engineer Soleimani, the Honorable Supervisor of Projects in Kermanshah Province, and Mr. Engineer Salimi, the Honorable Managing Director of Bahab Navandish Consultant, and Engineer Habibi, the Honorable Technical Manager of Bahab Navandish Consultant, and representatives Dear contractor from Ravansar project – Beashush tee

30 – 10 – 2021