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Bahab Nawandish Consulting Engineers Company was established in 1381 by a group of engineers with effective experience in the field of road construction, and in 1386 it was successful and obtained the foundation of a road construction. The undeniable capabilities of Bahab Nawandish, relying on the high technical and engineering capabilities and having the blessing of having about 200 experienced and talented personnel, more than 150 of whom are graduates of domestic and foreign universities, by employing expert engineers during the implementation of projects in National and international levels have been the basis for the standardization of all activities and products of the company. With the continuation of activities and in line with the development of the company, it now has the following grades:
Project management in the fields of road construction, irrigation and drainage
Rank 2 irrigation and drainage
Rank 1 and 2 road construction
Rank 3 of the building
Rank 3 railway

Bahab Nawandish Consulting Engineers Co

Carrying out more than 175 study projects and more than 200 monitoring projects since the establishment of the company

Implementation of more than 5000 hectares of study and monitoring in irrigation and drainage networks

Carrying out more than 10 study and monitoring projects in the building sector

Studies and monitoring with a total length of more than 4200 km, the number of 6 tunnels and large bridges with a total length of 7652 meters in 48 devices

Studies and supervision for 63 non-level and level intersection devices


Board of


– A senior civil engineer with a specialization in soil and water-more than 28 years of experienceMember of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of Bahab Nawandish since 1988 / Technical and Research Director of Bahab Nawandish / Managing Director of Projects
Foreigner Bahab Nawandish / Member of the Board of Directors and Director of Workshops of Jihad Nasr Kurdistan Company / Responsible for the Improvement Unit and Resident Supervision Expert of Road Construction Projects of Jihad Keshavarzi Kurdistan


– Technical management

-Civil engineer with more than 25 years of experienceMember of the board of directors of Bahab Noandish / Management of study projects inside and outside of the country of Bahab Noandish / Senior supervision of irrigation and drainage projects / Management of the mapping unit of road construction projects of Jihad Nasr Kurdistan.


– Management of the administrative department and the financial department

– Civil engineer with more than 25 years of experienceMember of the Board of Directors of Bahab Nawandish / Expert of the Construction Projects Supervision Office of Kurdistan Province / Head of the Technical and Construction Office of the Cooperation Organization of Municipalities of Kurdistan Province / Administrative and Financial Management of Bahab Nawandish


– Supervision- Civil engineer with more than 25 years of experience

Member of the Board of Directors / Managing Director of Amran Sazeh Gharb Company / Expert of the Mapping Unit of Sanandaj Agricultural Jihad Road Construction Projects / Head of Workshop and Mapping of Nasr Kurdistan Jihad Company / Project Manager of Bahab Nawandish Contracting Road Construction Project / Head of Design and Road Studies Unit of Bahab Nawandish Company


– Head of the supervision department
 Senior civil engineer with more than 27 years of experience in road and transportation

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bahab Nawandish / Deputy Director of Construction and Member of the Board of Directors of Jihad Nasr Kurdistan / Expert of the Kurdistan Governorate’s Civil Projects Supervision Office / Managing Director of Bahab Nawandish


Bhab Nawandish

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Irrigation and Drainage

By utilizing the latest knowledge and skilled workforce, this organization has successfully executed numerous water science projects. Its proficient management system has played a significant role in achieving these accomplishments. The company’s notable projects in this field include:

 Designing water transmission networks and water pumping stations for cattle ranching complexes in Kurdistan province, encompassing seven cases.

Conducting studies on 1200 hectares of pressurized irrigation networks in Kurdistan province.

 Supplementary studies on the pumping station of Qeshlaq dam in Kurdistan province.

 Evaluating and designing irrigation networks covering 1600 hectares under the pressure of Zaribar Dam tailings in Kurdistan province.

 Overseeing the operation system of downstream pressure irrigation networks in Kurdistan province’s Zaribar dam.

 Supervising 800 hectares of irrigation systems under the pressure of League 1 Somar in Kermanshah province.

 Designing 1300 kilometers of low-pressure irrigation systems in Kermanshah province.

 Collaborating and participating with a consulting engineers company from Jordan in the study and design of two dams located abroad.

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road and railway

This company, known for its impressive track record in road construction endeavors, has achieved success in executing extensive projects both domestically and internationally. The statistical overview of its accomplishments is as follows:

– Conducted comprehensive research, devised blueprints, and oversaw the implementation of a 438 kilometer highway

– Undertook the study, design, and supervision of primary and secondary roads spanning a total of 3574 kilometers

– Assumed responsibility for the study, design, and supervision of 36 large bridges, both nationwide and abroad, with a maximum span of 300 meters, as well as overseeing the construction of 6 road tunnels

– Oversaw the study, design, and supervision of 32 level and non-level intersection devices, both domestically and internationally

– Conducted the study and design of 61 kilometers of main roads and highways in foreign countries

– Completed the final justification studies for the 100 kilometer Miandoab-Saqez axis.