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The project of the second runway of Ravansar - Three Roads (Biashush)



راه اصلی دربندیخان – حلبچه همراه با پل بزرگ بر روی دریاچه دربندیخان-2
نظارت بر پروژه احداث شبکه های فرعی دشت لیگ یک از قطعه دوم گرمسیری سومار-1
بهاب نواندیش-3
بهاب نواندیش-6
بهاب نواندیش-2
بهاب نواندیش-5
بهاب نواندیش-1
بهاب نواندیش-4



In today’s post-industrial world, there are successful organizations in the field of competition that put creativity and innovation as their motto and flexibility in considering environmental changes as a part of their business. Technology has rapidly changed due to social, cultural, and economic factors. Projects follow industry and human needs changes.Our most significant support in history has been God’s help and the cooperation of the manager and employee families of the great Bahab Nawandish family. There is no doubt that the company will maintain past achievements in alignment with future developments through the double effort of its personnel, the use of new knowledge, and technology, and a comprehensive approach to all leading factors while enhancing the quantity and quality of its products. As a result of its unique mission, Bahab Navandish Company has expanded its activities in the fields of railways (third rank in Iran), irrigation and drainage (second rank in Iran).

Additionally, Bahab Nawandish has placed customer satisfaction and quality improvement at the top of his agenda. The company’s strategic goals include increasing its market share in construction projects and becoming more competitive in the markets where it operates. Taking advantage of its own reflection of ability, this company cooperates with scientific centers and research, utilizing the knowledge and experiences of efficient manpower and presence in national and international arenas. It is hoped that by relying on the Almighty and the support and perseverance of all the hardworking workers and shareholders, the company will play a more influential role in improving the construction sector in our dear country.


Bahab Nawandish has obtained ISO 9001 certification in the field of quality management, and ISO 21500 certification in the field of project management
In the area of safety and health equipment standards, Bahab Nawandish has the PM-BOK and HSE-MS certificates.

ارزش های سازمانی

Organizational values

A commitment to honesty, trust, and confidentiality, acting on the basis of knowledge and experience, discipline, applying modern knowledge and equipment, flexibility, being a pioneer, respecting the dignity and personality of employees and customers, and fostering innovation and creativity.

اهداف شرکت

Company goals

In order to carry out projects and contracts efficiently in a short period of time and to identify the real needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the company, it must strive to achieve and implement the latest scientific and technical achievements of the world. Developing new management systems, utilizing expert and efficient manpower, creating motivation, and designing systems
encouraging employees to maintain a balance between the interests of the company, its customers, and its employees.

استراتژی شرکت

company strategy

  • Expanding the spectrum of the company’s activities and providing new services
  • boarding the field of activities to the entire region and neighboring countries
  • membership in scientific associations and creating appropriate communication channels
  • harnessing the potential of the virtual realm for information dissemination and educational purposes
  • harnessing the potential of the virtual realm for information dissemination and educational purposes, educating individuals, fostering relevant expertise
  • engaging in seminars and academic conferences, workshops and educational programs, as well as scientific conventions both domestically and internationally


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